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Our  building was designed with accessibility for all in mind.

There are features designed to enable those with a variety of access needs.
We also aim to provide, with dignity, for other needs which require people, processes, and awareness.

If you need something to make your life easier, then please tell us.

Physical Access

From very early in the design process we aimed to make a building accessible to all.

That includes the obvious provisions like accessible parking, level access and a lift, but also includes things like T loops, underfloor heating, mechanical ventilation, and flexible seating.


Hidden Disabilities

We have a quiet room available on the ground floor.


Our "balcony" room, which has large windows overlooking the auditorium, will soon have an audio feed with local volume control and it's own T loop.


On the ground floor we have a registered Changing Places toilet.  

The accessible toilet on the first floor is right hand transferring.

Our standard toilets each have one larger cubicle with grab rails.

Baby change stations in all toilets except the first floor shower room.

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